bookkeeping grande prairie and tax preparation grande prairie
Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes

Our personalized services include:

* Complete full-cycle Bookkeeping services

* Accounting Solutions

* Personal Tax Preparation

* Business Tax Services Grande Prairie

* Business Tax Consultations Grande Prairie

* Personal Tax Consultations

* Financial Statements

* Financial Advising

* Forecasting and Projections

* Job Costing

* Class, Project and Location Tracking

* Payroll Services

* Bookkeeping and Accounting Software

* Software Integrations

Bookkeeping Grande Prairie and Accounting for Small Businesses in Sexsmith, Hythe, Wembley, Beaverlodge, The Peace Country and Canada-Wide

We provide extensive services to residents and businesses.  From day-to-day transaction recording, to setting up your accounting software.  From training you in your accounting system, to payroll management and auditing.

We can perform all of theses tasks and more.  If you are looking for a remote outsourced bookkeeping service, we are always a bookkeeper near you.  We are sought out by small businesses across Canada.

Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes specializes in service-based businesses.  This includes tradesmen, oilfield, services, and consultants.  We also have clients in agriculture, restaurants, and ECommerce.  

We have entrepreneurial spirit running though our veins.  We love helping small businesses establish themselves.  We help them set up their bookkeeping software and offer timely, accurate bookkeeping.  Financial guidance for each business is based on how your business is doing and what could be better.  Seeing our clients grow and succeed is an amazing feeling.

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Tax Preparation Grande Prairie Services

Taxation is another primary service we offer.  We assist individuals and small businesses with tax services.  This includes preparation and filing of tax returns and handling any issues with the CRA.

We provide professional tax and financial planning advice to all clients in need of assistance.  We help identify eligible deductions and significantly save on business taxes.  We help our clients make better financial decisions with planning and budgeting services.  Due to our remote preparation services, we are always a tax preparation place near you.

We go the extra mile for our clients here at Cover Your Assets.  Whether you need a Zoom meeting outside of normal business hours or have questions about your return.  We are here to help.  We ask questions, this is to get to know each client and their potential eligibility for certain deductions or credits.  If we don't ask questions, particularly the right questions, you could miss out on money in your return. 

We strive to get each client the most on their Tax Preparation Grande Prairie services.  We even find our clients credits and deductions they didn't know they qualified for.  Without knowing our clients and their situations we could be leaving money on the table.  Money that would otherwise be in our clients pockets.

All of our Tax Preparation Grande Prairie packages are exactly as you see them on our site.  There are no hidden fees.  We want to give our clients the best returns for the best price.

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Tax Services for Businesses

Grande Prairie Business Tax Consultation

Our consultation and advisory services are available across all of our service sectors.  We offer Grande Prairie Business Tax Consultations.  This includes representation and official correspondence with the CRA during audits.  We go above and beyond to protect our clients and their businesses in the Grande Prairie and Sexsmith areas.

We help all small, established and developing businesses with all of their tax needs.  We strive to provide personalized service to meet each clients differing needs.  This includes:

* Bookkeeping Grande Prairie

* Consultation

* Financial Statements

* Business Tax Strategies

* Personal Tax Strategies

We strive to help our clients succeed in all of their business goals.  We ensure each client is prepared for tax season long before it shows up.  We help guide them to better financial decisions.

Businesses aren't the only ones that can benefit from tax planning and consultation.  Whether you should be having more tax removed from your paycheque or contributing to RRAPs.  Whether you need to be keeping applicable receipts for tax time.  We are here to advise and help individual clients increase their chances of a refund and decrease the chance of owing the CRA taxes.

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The Benefits of working with Cover Your Assets Bookkeeping Grande Prairie and Tax Preparation Grande Prairie Include:
  • An experienced bookkeeper and tax preparer with over a decade of experience
  • Virtual and mobile tax preparation and bookkeeping services
  • No hidden costs or pricing.  When we give you a quote, that is the price
  • Customized pricing for each Bookkeeping Grande Prairie client.  No cookie-cutter packages or one price fits all.
Each business is different, each package should be to.  We offer software that provides ease of use to our clients.  These solutions include:
Client Storage Portals

Through the use of TaxDome for Tax Preparation and Bookkeeping clients we can offer a secure encrypted client storage portal for storage of all sensitive documents

Easy Document Uploads

For cloud accounting document upload we typically use Dext Prepare as it syncs with your accounting software.  This allows easy upload of all receipts, and documents that should be attached to each transaction.

For Tax Preparation we use Tax Dome for easy upload solutions.  Using either the web browser or the app, upload of documents becomes a breeze.
Cloud Accounting Software

As Xero Certified Advisors as well as Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisors we offer these software solutions to our clients.  

Software Integrations

We will assist with setting up software integrations with your cloud accounting software.  This includes a very large list of possibilities.  Both Xero and Quickbooks integrates well with a list of integrations.  These typically save alot of time and headache, but with those savings there is typically an expense to go with the convenience.

Bill Pay



Cash Flow Management

Financial Projections

There are a lot of integrations that not only will link to your bookkeeping software but many of these integrations automate alot of your work.

Tax Preparation Grande Prairie and Bookkeeping Grande Prairie

Big businesses and corporations can afford an entire department of in-house bookkeepers.  Many small business owners do not have the luxury of putting full-time bookkeepers on the payroll.

Whether you run a small family retail business or manage a major tech company, you simply can not avoid it.  Bookkeeping is a necessary part of any business day.  It is a crucial business function that sometimes needs a professional touch.

We strive to ensure that Tax Preparation Grande Prairie Services are affordable.  We strive to ensure Bookkeeping Grande Prairie services are affordable.  Outsourced virtual bookkeeping is the easiest way to achieve this.

Tax Preparation Grande Prairie is just as important as Bookkeeping Grande Prairie services.  Whether it is personal income tax services or business tax services.  We ensure our clients get the best return with the best services, this is our top priority.

Tax Preparation Grande Prairie and Bookkeeping Grande Prairie
The software We Use

We offer a variety of services based around secure encrypted cloud technology.  We are Xero Certified, QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor Certified and Wagepoint Payroll Certified.  We use Dext Prepare(formerly known as ReceiptBank) and TaxDome.  

We want you, our clients, to have an easy convenient experience.  Using simple secure technology and secure methods, we strive to make your life a little bit easier.  We will even adjust our schedule to yours when needed so that everyone is on the same page.

We prefer bookkeeping in either QuickBooks or Xero.  We will perform bookkeeping and accounting within other platforms, but this is at an additional cost.  Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes strive to provide the best.  Quickbooks and Xero integrate well with many APIs and automations.  

Through integration, we try making your life a little less complicated.  Cover Your Assets uses Dext and Hubdoc for Digital Bookkeeping file upload.  We also use TaxDome for upload and storage of documents for both bookkeeping and tax preparation services.  

Dext and Hubdoc upload documents into your bookkeeping account and help to match those documents with transactions.  They will attach the document to the transaction so that there is always a transaction record with supporting documents.  While we prefer Dext due to its accuracy, Hubdoc is an okay alternative integration for Bookkeeping Grande Prairie services.

TaxDome is our primary solution for Tax Preparation Grande Prairie.  We use TaxDome as it's overall technology simplicity and security are amazing.  Most of our clients prefer the TaxDome app.  They prefer the app due to its simplicity and ease of use while on the go.  

TaxDome gives each client their own secure, encrypted account.  It also offers multi-factor authentication for added security.  It gives each client a place to upload and store all of their tax documents for preparation.  It also can be used for storage of bookkeeping documents and backups.  The ease of use the app gives allows our clients to log in to their account, snap pictures of documents to upload and done.  TaxDome also allows the following:

* Fill out Tax Questionnaires

* ESign Documents

* Approve Documents

* Secure encrypted storage for sensitive documents

* Secure payments within the account

* Direct invoicing from us to you

* Year round document storage for clients

* Ability to upload and download documents to and from the account

Tax Preparation Grande Prairie Through Tax Dome

This means each client gets their own secure account.  They keep access to their account in the event that they need to retrieve and download a lost document.  This also gives them a permanent storage solution as long as they remain a Cover Your Assets Client.

We do our best to provide our clients with ease of use, simplicity and efficiency.  Allowing our clients quick and easy ways to upload documents and take much less time out of their day is a win for us.  Whether it is taking over their bookkeeping Grande Prairie tasks, giving them document storage or integrating their bookkeeping with automations.  This allows for quick and easy methods of tax preparation grande prairie and bookkeeping grande prairie services.  This is how we make our clients day a little bit better.

How We Can Help

Do your bookkeeping tasks take time away from your family?

With bookkeeping Grande Prairie by Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes we can take on some or all of theses tasks.


Do tedious bookkeeping and reconciliation tasks take time away from growing your business?

The average business owner spends 2+ hours weekly o bookkeeping tasks.  About a quarter of those business owners actually complete account reconciliations properly.  How much time do you spend on your bookkeeping and reconciliations each week?  What could you do with that time?

Let us take over these tasks.  Imagine what you could do with the extra time.  Let us help give you time back that you could use to grow your business.

Personal Life

Does tax preparation at the end of the year tip the scales on your personal life?

Let us focus on these tasks.  We can help with your Bookkeeping, year end preparations and tax preparation services.  This saves you time and additional stress.

Clients and Vendors

Do you spend more time with your accounting software than you do getting to know your clients and vendors?  

With hours spent on bookkeeping every month, do you lose time building relationships with clients and vendors?  Business relationships are important in repeat business and better rates with vendors.  If you had a couple extra hours every week could you work on building these relationships?

Let us help you focus on your business, by letting us focus on your bookkeeping and taxes