Grande Prairie Business Tax Consultation

Business Tax Consultation, Advisory, and Planning for Sexsmith, Hythe, Wembley, The Peace Country and Beyond

We have been helping Grande Prairie and area residents with their taxation needs for over a decade.  Whether you are a small, established or developing business, we have services for you.  Grande Prairie business tax consultation services by Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes does its best to Cover Your Assets throughout the year and ensure that you are ready for year end.

Our goal is to prepare and advise our clients every step of the way.  We want our clients to grow and succeed, and share in that success.

From Sole-Proprietors to partnerships to corporations.  We strive to personalize our services and meet each clients differing needs.  We assist clients in financial planning, savings strategies, and advisory.  We ensure the filing of all returns and other financial documents.  Our advisory solutions involve providing clients with planning solutions htat are realistic.

Not every business is the same, not every strategy is the same.  Matching an appropriate strategy with each business in its current stage is vital.  Personalizing the service is paramount to their financial success.

Bookkeeping and tax services are not one size fits all.  Not everyone gets the same deductions.  No everyone gets the same credits.  Not everyone claims the same expenses.  

Ensuring all of our services are built around the business it serves makes a difference.  It makes a difference to us when our clients leave happy.  it makes a difference to our clients when they know they are heard and understood.  It also makes a difference to our clients when they can SEE notable differences in their business finances.

We take the time to listen and to understand our clients and their needs.  Knowing our clients goals and their dreams makes us better at our job.  Understanding our clients and their businesses helps us to understand what expenses are real.  It helps us understand what credits and deductions they qualify for.  Above all, knowing our clients helps us understand how to help them.  

Helping our clients with a plan for their business.  Helping our clients with expansion plans.  Helping our clients with strategies to grow their business clientele.  Helping our clients figure out where cuts could be made to increase cost savings.  Helping our clients with a plan to save money on their taxes.  

We strive to help our clients succeed.  We wish to be a part of that success knowing that our services and advice contributed to it.  Helping our clients push forward each year with their goals is a satisfying feeling.

Grande Prairie Small Business Tax

Grande Prairie Small Business Tax Consultation

Grande Prairie Business Tax Consultation and remittances are a critical part in business.  We ensure our clients are prepared for tax season long before it arrives.  We help guide them to better financial decisions through strategies based on their business.

This includes having tax strategies planned near the beginning of each business year.  We want to see our clients have more money at the end of the year.  Through planning and strategies we can achieve this.

Advising clients about expenses and deductions that would benefit them is one of our priorities.  We do regular reviews of all business clients expenses.  We ensure that all expenses being claimed to reduce income are legitimate.  After years of bookkeeping and tax preparation I have seen some hilarious examples of "Not Business Expenses".  We do our best to make sure that all of your expenses will stand up to CRA scrutiny.  After all, if we are going to help you during an audit, we want to make sure all expenses and deductions are above board.

We will not under any circumstances allow "fudged" expenses.  We will not under any circumstances allow expenses that are no legitimate.  While this may seem like common sense to most, some have tried.  We will NOT provide audit assistance to anyone who chooses to submit illegal expenses.  We will also NOT submit any type of return where fraud is suspected or is known to be taking place.  While we strive to make our clients happy, breaking the law is not how we choose to achieve this goal.

Consultation Advisory and Planning Canada-Wide

Grande Prairie Business Tax Consultation

Businesses aren't the only ones that need consultations.  We strive to prove each client with sound saving strategies regardless of circumstance.  Grande Prairie Business Tax Consultation by Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes offers many services for all personal and business taxation needs including:

  • Consultations and Planning for Personal Taxes
  • Consultations and Planning for Small Businesses
  • Audit Assistance
  • Corporate advice and returns
  • Adjustments
  • Taxable Income Reductions
  • Planning Advice for business and personal needs
  • Personal tax returns and advice
  • Estate and trust returns
  • Disability Tax Credit Submission Assistance
  • Sales Tax Evaluations
  • Business and Personal Tax Preparation and Filing
  • Business expense deductions and reviews
  • Corporate expense deductions and reviews
How We Can Help With Your Taxes
Grande Prairie Small Business Tax Consultations
CRA Good Standing

We do our best to ensure each of our clients maintains a healthy relationship with the CRA. This includes assisting with audits and correspondence.  Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes does its best to ensure the maintenance of this relationship.  

Being in good standing with the CRA reduces your risk of audit.  Through communication and correspondence, as well as ensuring your taxes are done correctly, we believe we can achieve this.  Through regular monitoring and review of yours circumstances and situation we can achieve this.

Online Filing

We can take over the filing out or submission of tax related documents.  The filing of applications on time is important.  We strive to ensure all returns and any other document filings are done on time, every time.  

We will assist with any tax-related documentation and filing where applicable and available.  If we are unable to assist with a particular filing for any reason, we will find someone for you who can.  A great example of this is the Disability Tax Credit.  

We will help file and submit your documents to the CRA.  In the event that the CRA turns down your applications, we do know specialists that can help with this.  We help with any correspondence and follow-ups as well as deduction verifications.  

Occasionally the CRA performs deduction verifications.  These verifications involve providing more information or documentation to the CRA.  We will assist with this to the best of our ability with your help and cooperation.

Personalized Service

We believe in a personalized experience and excellent service and will go above and beyond for our clients.  Due to Covid we are offering all services entirely online.  Many clients are leery about this where taxes are concerned.   

We use secure encrypted software to try to put our clients minds at ease.  Through the use of TaxDome and Zoom, we are able to offer these services online.  TaxDome is secure and encrypted.  It offers multi-factor authentication both on the web browser and the app for even more added security for each account user.  

This program allows document upload from both clients and preparers.  It allows legal ESigning, document approvals, chat messages and secure payment.  TaxDome  gives us the ability to not only serve each client safely in our community, but across Canada. 

We use Zoom for all identity verifications.  This allows us to ensure the safety of client documentation and data.  It allows us to ensure that we can stop any potential identity theft.  We use this service both for personal and business tax return filing.  

While helping clients across Canada we understand that we are not all in the same time zone.  We adjust our schedule to accommodate this especially for Zoom meetings.  We will do our best to accommodate your schedule and find times that work for everyone involved.

Benefit, Credit and Deduction Changes

Did you know that there are well over 200 benefits, credits and deductions Canada-Wide?  Between what is offered federally and what is offered provincially they stack up fast.  This applies to both personal and business taxes.  

We stay on top of yearly benefit, credit and deduction changes across Canada.  These changes could lead to more or less on refunds or tax debt.  This includes any changes in allowable business expenses and taxation.  

We stay current n all provinces except Quebec.  At this time we do not offer tax services in Quebec.  Due to Revenue Quebec requiring a separate approval system.  We have not taken this route as of yet, with no immediate plans to do so.  In the event that we choose to change this we will update accordingly.

With clients across Canada it is important to us to make sure our clients are getting what they are eligible for and entitled to.  Each province has their own benefits, credits and deductions on top of what is offered federally.  We make sure that we are prepared and understand the new changes each year in each province.  We also make sure that we understand the retirement of certain benefits or credits as they are removed from availability.

Regulatory Changes

We stay on top of regulatory changes that affect Grande Prairie Business Taxation Consultation.  We pay attention to new developments.  We monitor industry changes that impact and affect both tax and accounting sectors.  

By ensuring we are always up to date on the latest changes gives us the ability to further help our clients.  Tax changes occur almost every year.  These impact businesses and individuals alike.  By staying current on these changes in every province allows us to serve clients all over Canada.

Grande Prairie Business Taxation Consultation at Cover Your Assets Books and Taxes, We are Always Ready To Help Clients With Their Taxation and Consultation Needs